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New Senior Uniform

Thanks to Ryan and Matt for organising this.

Round 1 ! 24/22/19

Round one. Sunday 24/22/19 we take on the seapigs at home (Maitland Park).

  • 9:30 6th grade
  • 11:00 5th grade
  • 12:30 2nd grade
  • 14:00 PHL

don’t forget you need to be registered before you take the field. Grading/ team lists won’t be released until Thursday, and will be based of registered players.

2019 Season Mens

Key Dates

  • 28th of February Team Nominations due.
  • 2nd of March FIH Pro league Sydney
  • 5th of March next NHA Meeting
  • 16th and 17th of March FIH Pro league Sydney
  • 23 and 24th of March First Round weekend Seniors

Numbers so far

2019 EOI Reponses

2019 EOI Reponses

good response so far should be a good season.

2019 Interest Form

March will come sooner than we know, so we need to start planning for the 2019 hockey season now.

If you plan on playing hockey in winter 2019 please fill out the following form and we’ll be in touch.

2019 Interest Form

Weekend results.

6th grade 4-0 win over Tigers.

A mix of youth and experience hardly gave tigers a chance with pots and CY scoring a great cross goal and Toby putting the tigers keeper to shame in his effort to out run him.

2nd Grade 3-2 win over Wests.

A tight game only decided by a plenty corner after the final hooter, where Nathan Baker showed he is still invaluable as a striker with the final touch from the post.


C grade was a 3-1 loss and I’m yet to confirm B and A grade. I’ll update when I know.

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