Email from Steve Orchard in London

Well, what a night. Team GB is running on the vibe of the nation and it's
now spilled over into the hockey. My first time confronted by a hostile
crowd, with 15,000 Brits singing god save the queen and waving that damn
union jack. The crowd was soon silent after we jumped to a 2 - 0 lead and
things got even better after the break when we added one more. Momentum is
a Funny thing and with a bit of luck GB made it 3 - 1 and then the wheels
started to wobble.   With the crowd singing suddenly it was 3 - 2 and
the green cards were flowing and I was getting nervous for the first time.
The crowd erupted at 3 - 3 and I was just hoping we'd hold on for a draw.
Both teams came very close to breaking the deadlock but  a fair result
given our poor 2nd half.
We still sit top of the pool and have to beat Pakistan on Tuesday to
qualify in top spot, then hopefully the Germans in the semis. The Dutch
look in good form with a few new options in the team plus that old head de
nooyer. Caught up with Simon after the game and he was cranky about the
refereeing as usual, hard to placate him but we still haven't lost a game
and my sons an Olympian.
Off to the basketball today to support the boomers then perhaps a rest.
We've been flat out criss crossing London and usually pass out early and
get up with the stupid sun at 5ish. The British museum was a fantastic
find yesterday even though we did an express 2 hour run through, it's
really at least a full day. I think I'd like to stay but alas I'll run out
of money and hopefully we 'll have a semi to play when I return.

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