Letter from Simon Orchard

Hey Shorty and Al
It’s Orch here, how are you both? At the moment I am overseas playing some hockey, back next week, but will be here for the next 6 months on and off playing in the Dutch league.  It is really cool and I’m enjoying it a lot. I kept following the Maitland boys this year and although disappointing the 1st grade team missed out on the grand final, I was thrilled to hear the mighty 6th grade team won again! Hopefully you guys were there to enjoy a few XXXX cans as well.
Anyway, the reason for the email is because I have attached a thankyou letter that I was hoping could either be distributed around the club or maybe put up on the website. It is just a letter, but it does thank the entire Maitland Hockey Club for all the continued support and admiration over the years, with both of you leading from the front. You have both been two of my biggest supporters and I know Mum and Dad really appreciate the interest you continue to take in my career. It means a lot to me and them so thankyou.
Let me know what you end up doing with the letter, hopefully it is OK and I think it is the least I can do for such a great hockey community.
Enjoy the off season guys, have a drink for me and I’ll see you again soon.
Cheers Simon      Letter to the MHC

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