Maitland’s New Canteen

On behalf of the many appreciative users, may I thank Gary Urquhart and Stan Hart for renovating the new mobile canteen and Lyn Orchard for facilitating its donation. I know there were others who worked on it as well and I thank you sincerely.

Further to the lovely girls that operated the said canteen, namely Ros and Morgan Sherlock, Joan Hart and others. we all appreciated the lovely smile along with the food.

I must also thank Honey who operated the shop for so many years and look forward to her continued support.

As Gary said hopefully it will be a source of many dollars that will help finance the hockey fraternity. It is but an interim resource until we are able to finance and build a clubhouse, but it is a good start.

As a bon vivant, I look forward to many a good cup of coffee and food of the highest quality and to help operate the said canteen if needed.

Yours in gratitude

Al Noronha

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