Mens Grand Finals 2009

6th Grade – Maitland defeated Wests 1-0 to take out the Grand Final. A fantastic result as Maitland was clearly the best team all year and should have been Minor Premiers as well. They were unfairly treated by NMDHA when they lost points on a technicality. The team were determined to win despite this setback. However, we could have done without the 2 short corners to Wests in the last few minutes. Some of the older players (which make up most of the team)almost had heart attacks. Well done to all and especially our leader Craig (Chinga) Williams and our manager and moral guardian Al Noronha.

5th Grade Crusaders defeated Cardiff

4th Grade    Tigers defeated Colts

3rd Grade Port Stephens defeated Crusaders

2nd Grade Norths narrowly defeated Maitland who reached the Grand Final for the third year in a row. Congratulations to 2nd grade on another great season.

PHL Souths defeated Gosford. Norths were knocked out by Gosford and didn’t make the Grand Final for the first time in many many years.

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