NMHA Rule changes

It’s important ALL team managers know the following. It is relevant to all players.

Email from NMHA to all clubs …..

At last nights (11-5-2010) NMHA Committee meeting several resolutions were confirmed as follows


Breaking on penalty corners – It was resolved to adopt this rule beginning AFTER THE JUNE LONG WEEKEND. It was clarified that if the goalkeeper was the defender who “breaks” the defending team would be penalised by having a defending field player go beyond the centre-line. If the player pushing the ball from the backline is detected “feinting at playing the ball” he will be replaced by another attacker, the offending player does not have to go beyond the centre line.

GREEN CARD – TWO MINUTE SUSPENSION It was resolved NOT TO ADOPT THIS RULING as in most cases there would not be a tech bench official to control the suspension of the player.

FIH GOAL KEEPING RULE It was re-affirmed that teams in grades 2 to 6 can play with eleven field players, that is it is not necessary to have a padded goal-keeper

GRADING RULES A copy of the grading rules is attached. (see link below)


Cards should be filled out correctly and neatly, (remember if they cannot be read players cannot be creditted with goals they score and possibly also matches they may have played) NEED Full names, including spelt out given names NOT INITIALS.Names to be spelt correctly (get your captains to have a list for their team.) Cards need to have shirt numbers shown(particularly in PHL and second grade). Cards need to have the starting line-up shown.

Cliff M.                      NMHA Senior Grading Guidelines Version 4.1

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