New Hockey Clubhouse

Plans on display in the dugout

Maitland Hockey Centre

The new Clubhouse funding challenge!

Thanks to all those who have contributed so far. We are starting to get businesses on board with Mick Gallagher contributing $2000 on behalf of Dillon and Elbourne. All these donations are very much appreciated. The top individual sponsor so far has donated $500!

We are well on the way to our target of $10,000. Just need a few more businesses to kick in and we’ll be there, so please let us know if you can help.

Donations to Maitland Hockey Turf Assoc
BSB 646000. Account 100040496

Please spread the word. We’ll keep you posted on progress!


Maitland Mercury

Rams get home over Norths

40th Anniversary Celebration

40th Anniversary Celebration

40th Anniversary Celebration

Week 1 11-03-2018

12:00 6th vrs Tigers

13:30 5th vrs Tigers

15:00 3rd vrs Tigers

15:00 7th vrs Crusaders WF

Bye for PHL and 2nds

All games at Newcastle (assume south field)

If you haven’t registered yet you might not get a game week 1 check before taking the field. (SMS Rambo 0490 463 962)

AGM Results

Congratulate  those elected.

President: Glen

Vice-President: CT

Secretary: Schwieny

Vice-Secretary: Urquhart (Ben or Peter)

Treasurer: G Noronha

Vice-Treasurer: Urquhart (Ben or Peter)

Turf Fees

Fees where set at the meeting as $500 for those playing Senior Competition and $250 for Junior competition, and $500 for those playing both.

Price increase explained.  Firstly the associations will be increasing by CPI. Secondly we don’t have any other income streams because of a lack of sponsorship and people willing to help fund-raise we costed based on a users pays system. If you would prefer to sell raffle tickets, chocolates or cold call business to get sponsorship, in order to keep fees down, please step forward.

40 Years of Maitland Hockey Club.

A subcommittee is going to be setup to celibate this milestone, including nomination for life members.

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