Player Profile – Tobin Bush


Nickname: Tobes               DOB: 30/09/88

Previous Club’s: My Dad would die of a heart attack. Maitland of course.

1st Grade Debut: 2005

Career Games: Roughly 340 games all up. About 40 first grade games.

Premierships: 2 in Juniors, and 1 in Men’s (5th grade).

Playing Position: “Utility”. Like to play Striker, but others think I’m a good Centre Half.

Rep honours: 7 years of Newcastle Rep, 3 years NSW CCC.

Which Other Sport Do you wish you could play: Toss up between Soccer and Touch Football

Best hockey Player you have seen and why: Simon Orchard. Coz he just glides through people and makes Hockey look easy. For the record, I’ve seen Jamie Dwyer play for those who doubt my picking coz they don’t think I’ve seen him play.

Which training exercise/drill did you like the least: The question is which one did I like. The worst was the ‘defence into attack’ scenario we did on the 25th of July.

What has been the highlight of your hockey career: Other than all the friends I’ve made, it has to be all the times I got to travel for rep. The New Zealand Tour, going to Homebush for Zone and Going to Canberra were the best. I can’t forget the School Trips at All Saints College Campus’.

If you could change one rule in hockey what would it be: That umpires are always right. Coz they’re not. Other than that all the rules are alright by my books.

What is one talent others don’t know you have: Other than a few comrades, people don’t know I can dance (the Robot especially) and sing.

The 2008 hockey season gives me the chance to: Experience an important year for the club’s history. Also to be known for the time I’ve spent in the club. Try that extra bit harder at what I love and enjoy doing. GO THE RAMS!!

Pre match rituals: Put my socks on a certain way/certain feet.

What did you do during the off season: Play Indoor and Summer Comp Hockey. Not to mention the enjoyment of the Summer warmth at the beach with friends.

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