Player Profile – Troy Martin

Troy Martin
Nickname: Marto    DOB: 13 January 1977
Previous Club’s: Maitland since 1985!

1st Grade Debut: 5th April 1992 vs. University.

Career Games: 211 First Grade appearances.

Premierships: Unfortunately none since juniorsmaybe this year!

Playing Position: Always a striker, but back to fullback for last 2 years.

Rep honours: NSW CCC, Newcastle – all age groups

Which Other Sport Do you wish you could play: Golf – but I try….

Best hockey Player you have seen and why: Mick McCann was good to play with in juniors, can remember everyone wanting to score sliding goals like Hagar and currently it’d have to be Jamie Dwyer.

Which training exercise/drill did you like the least: the one’s Schweiny sets up!

If you could change one rule in hockey what would it be: the green card 5, was one I think should come back….wasn’t bad for getting a troublesome player off the field, without penalising the rest of the team.

The 2008 hockey season gives me the chance to: turn around last years grand final result!!

Pre match rituals: cooking barbies this year!
What did you do during the off season: spent a month in Japan.

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